Dust Defense Setup


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The Dust Defense System is a comprehensive containment system. When purchasing this booking you receive an initial set up on the selected date, the system and a fan to keep the tunnel inflated. The install technician will also walk you through set up and answer any questions you may have.

? Keeps your family safe from germs, dust, mold spores and more by maintaining isolation throughout the project.

? Protects  your home and furnishings from debris, dirt, allergens, VOCs, molds and more.

❤️ Keeps kids, pets, heating and air conditioning in the house and out of the project area.

♻️  Reusable and easy to set up!

? Affordably priced as an effective containment system.

? Saves time on cleaning and speeds up projects by allowing easier access to tools and materials.

?‍♂️ Safe work environment for tradesmen by allowing air circulation and isolation.

? No need to hire house cleaners after the construction is complete!