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3535 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30326
Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Keep out Covid-19 and Dust
Stay Safe When Remodeling
360 Degrees of protection for your home and your family. Keep germs, dust and debris out of your home.
​​Safety for Workers & Homeowners alike
Isolation & Containment When Remodeling
Offer a way to keep your customers safe from germs & dust while increasing productivity.
Providing Safe Environments for Over 10 Years

Remodel Safely Through Covid-19

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This system made the difference between our family being able to finish our remodel this year or go without our main bath. Without it, we would not have felt safe to continue our bathroom renovation.

360 Degrees of Protection

The Dust Defense system provides complete isolation allowing for projects to be continued safely throughout the pandemic without unnecessary exposure. This system also keeps A/C and heating in and safely keeps children and pets out of the project area while still allowing them full access to the rest of the home.

Additionally, it protects you from the exposure to harmful contaminants created by renovation projects such as mold, particulates, silica sand and more.
  • Keeps kids, pets, heating and air conditioning in the house and out of the project area
  • Protects home and family from debris, dirt, allergens, and mold, etc.
  • Easy to set up and completely re-usable
Protect Your Home

The Dust Defense Containment System keeps your family safe, keeps kids, pets, heat and A/C in the house and out of the work area. Most importantly, it keeps contaminants out of your home. In fact, 99% of homeowners decide not to move out and are able to stay in their main bedroom throughout the entire remodel.

Dust Free
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Protect Your Project

Increase productivity by allowing your workers to have a contained path from the front door to the project room. Use tools nearby inside the tunnel instead of having to take messy cutting outside. Save time on cleaning and speed up your project by containing dust and debris inside the project area. Safe work environment for workers by allowing air circulation in project area.

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360 Degrees of Protection
Comprehensive Containment System

Renovation projects can adversely affect your families health by the release of airborne particulates, contaminants, and volatile organic compounds. Daily protection is made simple with Dust Defense.

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Dust &
Harmful Pollutants

Toxic dusts containing crystalline silica, asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs) or leadcan cause serious long-term health effects

Sanity and Safety

The Comfortable Way to Remodel


Safer work environment for tradesman by allowing air circulation in project area. Keeps kids, pets, A/C and heat in the house and out of project area


Give tradesmen easy access to tools inside the tunnel. No more opening and closing doors, waiting for dust to die down or running downstairs to make another cut.

Keep Dust Contained
  • Quick Setup: This tunnel sets up in 15 minutes or less and each day rolls up to the project room allowing the homeowner to have their entire home back all while keeping contaminants contained to the project room.
  • Save Time: Speed up your projects keeping tools nearby-no more running down to make cuts-cut directly in the tunnel. No more waiting for dust to die down before leaving the project room. Attaches to the front door and the project room so doors are no longer and obstacle for full hands.
  • 360 Degrees of Protection:no more taping down runners and laying plastic sheeting over furniture - this system protects walls, floors and furniture all at the same time..
  • Cleaning: Keep your clients happy with a clean environment through the entire project. No extensive house cleaning after each project and best all - no dust on every surface. The ultimate tool for allergy sensitive family members and protection of family pets.
How the Dust Defense System Works

The Dust Defense System is a tunnel which streches from the project room to the front door. It is intended to be stretched out every morning and rolled up to the project door every evening to give the home owner full use of their home after work hours and contain particulates to the project room. It contours to steps and around corners to reach the project room that your are working in. Working in a room with multiple entrances? No problem. Wall off the other entrances and connect the Dust Defense System to the desired entrance.

How Our Service Works

When you purchase a Dust Defense system, our crew will come out and do the initial set up and answer any questions about set up and take down. We will also leave you with a portable fan to keep the system inflated and provide a constant airflow through the tunnel. Feel free to return the fan at the end of your project for a credit. Setup is easy and typically takes about 15 minutes.

Ready to Have a Dust Free Remodel?

We’re here to help you enjoy your project, providing protection and peace of mind along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does this service work?
When you purchase the Dust Defense system , we will come out and do the initial set up and answer and questions you might have. We will also leave you a fan to inflate the system that can be returned at the end of your project for a credit.
Is this system re-usable?
Yes, the Dust Defense system is completely re-usable. This heavy duty system can be used for months on end with daily traffic. You can also use the supplied patches to make repairs if needed.
How long does it take to set up?
This system is designed to be set up in 15 minutes and it's expected to be rolled up to the project room at the end of the day to help contain particles mold spores and VOCs. This way the home owner
Can this be used in condos?
As long as the system can exit to the outdoors (a patio or porch) it can be used. However, this system can not be used in an internal hallway.
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